Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Tuesday morning was spent at the park out at Lota.

As I watched the three walk along holding hands, I thought of how much love I had for them.

PS... Week Five is missing, but there is a reason for that!!!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Back to school has well, and truly, happened for thousands and thousands of children across Australia. With many starting  a new journey with High School, Year One, Prep and Kindy. But not Jarvis. It took me most of 2015 to feel 100% confident with my decision not to send him off to Kindy this year.

Jarvis, is a happy, confident, and very sociable child. I was at first worried that I was not allowing him access to a wider social circle. But, now the year has started, and I feel I have made the best decision for Jarvis, and for Justin and I as parents.

My belief has always been that we , as a country, over school our children. And yes, this is coming from me, who has a background in early childhood education. I could quote many studies from my thesis, backing my belief that we are pressuring our children into too much study too early and not allowing them enough time for play. However, I think the most important thing is my mother’s instinct. I honestly believe Jarvis was not ready.

He was not ready to be torn away from childhood, and pushed into formal education. I say formal, as even my doctor believes Jarvis is very advanced for his age. I believe thirteen years, (plus often add another four or more years at uni) is a really long time for children to be in formal education.

This is my belief for my child, well children. 

I am in a really privileged place to have the choice whether or not to send Jarvis to school. I am aware in some countries children do not get this choice. I also have had the luxury of more than ten years of tertiary education myself. Something which I hope Jarvis also has the choice. But for now Jarvis has one more year of being a carefree toddler/child.

Monday, 8 February 2016


It was hot in Brisbane last week, Tuesday was 36 degree celsius, (in fahrenheit that is 98.9). And super humid, one day the humidity was up to 85%. So pretty much all week I was covered in sweat. I was also bitching about not having anything to wear, while Justin and Jarvis were wandering around the house in their jocks.

One night, when I could not sleep because of the heat, I thought of an idea. I struggle with retail shorts, they seem to fall into two categories. One: shorts that are shorter than my undies. Or two: Mum shorts. Yes, yes, I know I am a Mum, I am a grandmother, but Mum shorts, well are just super daggy. Anyhow, in the heat one night I thought of making shorts that were more 'me'.

In the early hours of the next morning, before the heat struck, I got some fabric from my stash and whipped up these shorts. 

 Item One
They are kinda like a gathered shirt met a pair of boxers shorts. I am super happy with them, the fabric is a lawn so super light and breezy, but the length is more appropriate for the Nana I am.

Item Two
I love them so much I made a second pair late one night. They fit even better, however, the fabric is a tad on the see through side. Okay if I wear the shorts to the beach over togs, but that is about it.

I am already sewing up a third pair in a rayon. With each attempt I am tweaking the pattern just a bit to get them 'just right'.

But... finally I own shorts!

Jarvis was not happy with my modelling. I admit I really struggle on the other side of the camera, so these are his instructed posses.

Monday, 1 February 2016


I got easily side tracked this week. I cut out over half a dozen things to sew. But then, late one night an idea came to me, an I just had to get up early one morning before the heat hit, to draft a pattern and cut something out.

Even though I got sidetracked I at least managed to finish two items.

Item One
Digger boxer shorts for Jarvis. Since the kid is still wearing size one boxers, I figured it was time for him to go up a size or two. Jarvis chose the fabric and I altered the pattern to fit a size four. His waist still measures the same from two years ago, so they are long, and super baggy. But Jarvis loves them.

I have to include all of his "modeling faces". He kept telling me to take another

Item Two
Jarvis wanted Chester to have apple sarouels to match his own. So Chester seems to be getting a bit of a fruit salad theme over the last two weeks. Chester is on the little side, so a size two sarouels is extra roomy on him, but it will give him heaps of space to grow.

Oh, and here is the little cutie in his pineapple shorts from last week. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


The everyday moments.  I want to remember moments, moments that are not huge. But those little every day things, things that we forget our children doing. I want to remember, and enjoy, the magic of these moments. So, I am going to join in the 52 Project for this year concentrating on the little, the everyday, the ordinary.

Week Four
I wonder what it is going to be like when life separates these two? Next year Jarvis will be due to start prep. How will Chester be without his older buddy? How will Jarvis be without "my Chester".

Each Wednesday we go to the library for Toddler Time. They will play with the other kids, but always together. I hear Jarvis introduce himself and then introduce Chester. Today a little girl asked if Chester was Jarvis's brother, Jarvis always gives the same answer, "he is not my brother, he is My Chester". 

Sunday, 24 January 2016


I knew this 52 challenge was going to be hard when I set it for myself. But what it is doing is really making me aware of how little 'me' time I have in my life.

Granted, the end of last week for four days, I was slammed with violent gastro, and the begging half of the week I was balancing two small boys, while Tamika had the delightful gastro attack. Interesting how Mums, well this Mum, always puts their children first.

Item One
Pineapple shorts for Chester. I had so much left over from the pair I made Tamika, I thought I would make Chester a matching pair. Think it took me longer to draft the pattern, than to cut and sew them. But at least I got one full item off my sewing machine.

On a side Note: Jarvis just went through my stash and selected several fabrics and said "please make them now".

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


The everyday moments.  I want to remember moments, moments that are not huge. But those little every day things, things that we forget our children doing. I want to remember, and enjoy, the magic of these moments. So, I am going to join in the 52 Project for this year concentrating on the little, the everyday, the ordinary.

Week Three
I wonder if Jarvis will always 'look after' Chester? When ever the two are together, Jarvis takes it upon himself to care for Jarvis. The constant hand holding. Or sometimes, it is more of a death/wrist grip. 

The worry that sets over Jarvis if Chester does something. In this case it was because it was because Chester went in the water too far.

But then Chester must like it, as he is always the mirror to Jarvis.