Friday, 21 November 2014

47/52 2014

These two images speak of so much. Of a bond so strong between a father and son, the father is happy to go "swimming" in the sink with his son. Of just how horribly hot and humid it has been in Brisbane the last week. It also shows such a glimpse into our lives. Plus the title freaks me out thinking how little time is left until the year ends.  

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


How old is too old? Is there an expiry date to when women should stop wearing a bikini? This post on Facebook by Julie Cross, and all of the media attention it is getting has got me thinking. I too am a 46 year old Julie, and I wear my bikini when I go to the beach.

Yup, I am 46 years old, I have had two children and I have a morbid fear of exercise. No, that is probably going too far, but it bores me, and I think why waste time doing that stuff, when I can spend it with my children. I am now also a grandma, so does this mean a bikini is off limits for me?

Justin bought me a bikini, not long after I had Jarvis, and I love it, it is comfy and in my opinion cute. Do I think I am cute wearing it? I actually don't give a damm, I wear it cause it is comfy.

Am I confident wearing it? When I put it on, each and every time, I think about my lumps and bumps, then promptly forget it and go and have fun in the sand with Jarvis. Do I think I get comments about wearing a bikini? I am sure I do but like comments on my hair which I wrote about last week, I have never heard anyone say anything. Besides the only people's opinion that I care about is Tamika's and Jarvis.

At the moment Jarvis's face lights up with joy each and every time he sees my tummy. He will even run at me with joy saying "tummy, my tummy" and want to stroke my belly. So, I guess until I embarrass my kids the bikini is here to stay.

(Oh, and do I have a photo of me in my bikini? Not really, but I did look for one. You will just have to stalk me next time I am at the beach.) 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Do you ever see something? Take note of it in someway, then you keep seeing the same thing over and over? I think shopping trolleys are following me!

Monday, 17 November 2014


We arrived into Nambucca late afternoon. We unpacked, Jarvis had a nap and Justin went to meet the clients. I was going to read, but spent more time "peaking", okay sticky beaking out the window at the neighbours.

Am I the only one that makes up full stores about people you see? Because the caravan park was on the average side, my characters were all very interesting. Okay, you tell me what story you would make up about this one? Character One: Caucasian male, hard to guess age as he looked as if he had a very rough life, my guess was 50ish. Long grey ponytail mullet. Numerous tattoos including face, neck and head. Wearing torn jeans, and leather vest. Large protruding belly. Had a long neck in one hand (for non-Australians this is a tall beer bottle in a brown paper bag), and was attempting to hang up washing on the communal line in the other hand.

Well, he kept me entertained for a while. But, when Jarvis woke up we opted to go for a walk. This is when I discovered even though we were staying on the dodgy side of Nambucca, it was a short walk to the beautiful side.

The waterway boardwalk is fantastic. We walked from our accommodation to Quota Park. After a Thai takeaway dinner, I thought all three of us should do the walk again at night. Because of daylight saving in NSW we left the cabin around 6pm and did not get back until well after 8pm. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

46/52 2014

Jarvis has wanted to see Chester and Tamika everyday this week. He wakes up and asks to "play Chester". I am really looking forward to when Chester is old enough to play.

On Wednesday we all caught the bus to GOMA, Jarvis loves declaring art into two categories "weird art" or "boring".  He prefers "weird art" and gets super excited when he finds one that fits into that bracket.

As we were leaving I remembered to play tourist and ask a stranger to take our group portrait. Thank you stranger, very much appreciated. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014


So, I work in retail. I smile allot. I talk allot...probably too much. But, does this give open invitation to comments about me? About my appearance? Granted most of the comments are lovely and flattering, but then there are a small percentage that are just rude.

If I take the nice. does this mean I have to accept the rude?

On Sunday I changed my hair colour, I thought it was a subtle change, yet it has bought a massive amount of attention.

From the nice. A little girl approached me, and asked what colour my hair was, when I asked her what colour she thought it was she said "princess hair". An elderly lady told me my hair made me look "glowing and happy" and hugged me. Plus, I have had heaps of general comments of people just saying they like my hair.

A few have asked if it takes for ages to do my hair.

To a lady who said yesterday "I like your hair colour, but don't you think you are too old? How am I meant to answer that? Yes lady I think I am too old for this hair colour that is why I did it.

Another lady asked why I was wearing a wig.

Another said, in front of me loudly, to her friend "when someone gets as old as her and does that to her hair it is just desperate attention seeking, she is obviously either gay or single". Lady being either gay or single is not a bad option in this world, and what has that got to do with the colour of my hair?

So tell me, do you think it is okay to comment on strangers appearance?  Especially to their face?