Monday, 31 August 2015


After little to no sleep, we were dressed, and out of our hut as quick as we could. This time Jarvis had no hesitation getting on the scooter. After a breakfast in Ubud, where we used their Wifi to book new accommodation, we were happy just to ride around, stopping for snacks, and to take photos of the locals.

Even back at our hut, we just wanted to wander and take photos of our surrounds. Avoiding our rat hut? Possibly. I did love Ubud. Even with the rats. There was a calmness to the place, that encouraged me just to breath. Normally I would have totally lost it over the rat, but I just accepted that was life in the mountains.

Plus I cannot find the words to express how nice the people of Bali are. As we were walking around Jarvis needed to go to the loo, with no public toilets anywhere in sight, I asked a local if she knew where one was. She indicated to follow her, and before we knew it we were inside her house? Village? And she lets Jarvis use the family toilet. Cannot image any Australian opening their house to a complete stranger like that.
Thank you Ubud family, for the use of your loo.

But, soon enough it was time to pack up and leave. A driver picked us up, and followed Justin into Ubud, where he returned the scooter. Then, it was another few hours in the car, with another viewing of Avengers.

Padang Bai, wow. Beach side accommodation, and a pool with a swim up bar. 

After been in the car for so long, we went for a walk along the beach on to the next beach. Blue Lagoon. It was grey and overcast, so the beach was not blue, plus the neat freak in me got/gets so sad at the amount of litter on the beaches.

Temples on the beach

A not very blue, Blue Lagoon Beach

This is how they dispose of their rubbish, plastic and all.

Lots of photos from this day, but lots of things that I do not want to forget.

Jarvis ended the day his favourite way, at the swim up bar

Monday, 24 August 2015


We all woke with excitement, as we were on the move to Ubud. We had organised a driver for the trip, so it was an easy check out and travel. For the car ride to Ubud out came my old, old laptop, and Jarvis watched Avengers (again).

Side note: how many of you get excited that we dropped off a garbage bag full of dirty clothes, at a laundry just outside Ubud, and got quoted $3 Australian to wash and dry the lot!

Our accommodation was in a rural part of Ubud, even our driver had trouble finding it. With no road access, we had to carry our luggage, and Jarvis, over a narrow walkway through the rice fields.

I was impressed as soon as we got there. Jarvis and Justin equally so. The pool, the hut, the surroundings. All looked amazing. We sat around the pool deciding our next options, and thought we would hire a scooter. This is when we discovered the whole place had no internet. The young kid running the place said, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I wasn't bothered, but Justin was.

So we hiked it back up to the road to try our luck at finding a taxi to drive us into Ubud. In Ubud we sorted out the essentials. Scooter hire, check. Big yummy meal in a cafe with internet, check.

At first Jarvis did not want to put the helmet on his head, and was a bit cautious about hoping on the scooter. But, I found if I got him to sit on my lap, facing me and wrapped him onto my body he loved it. So much so he did not want to get off, after going for a ride through the mountains.

We found a grocery store, and did some basic shopping for food for the rest of the night and breakfast.

Back at the hut, we discovered fault two with our accommodation. No hot water. Okay, so for me who loves a very hot shower, this was uncomfortable, but again like the internet, I thought it comes with the territory of being so rural.

What I did not cope with was strike three against our accommodation. We all went to sleep okay, but an hour, or so, after I heard a noise, yes I know we were in the middle of a rice field and animal noises are common. However, this was above my head. I dove out of bed grabbing Jarvis with me. Unfortunately, Justin was not so lucky and ended up with a rat crawling across his forehead. Gag!

So the rest of the night I stayed awake holding Jarvis in the middle of the room on the day bed, and Justin slept at the end of the bed. I amused myself by reading and counting just how many rats I could see roaming our room... Was not a rest filled night. 

Monday, 17 August 2015


Our third day in Bali was one of those lazy days. Days were nothing much happens, but are much needed for the soul. Just to relax and unwind.

The morning was spent wandering around Legion taking photos. People watching is one of my favourite things to do. Justin discovered a great love for Balinese cold pressed coffee, and Jarvis was excited to find huge chocolate milkshakes. Both the coffee and milkshake were served in a cafe that gave a cold washer, to wash the grim from your hands and face.

The afternoon was spent back down on the beach. I think ever holiday needs a day like this. Filled with laughter and just being in the moment enjoying the place and the people around you. 

 I loved our hotel. But in certain lights it had a creepy horror show feel to the corridors! 

Sunday, 16 August 2015


Following on from last week's sewing post, is the dress I made for Sarah. I called this dress 'Judy'. (Judy from work helped me pick the fabric and ric rac)

Please Note: This is Sarah's image that I copied from her instagram account. PS I have major hair envy of her gorgeous red hair!

It was an odd mixture of daunting, and exciting, sewing a dress for someone whom you have never met. It was not so much the sewing bit, but picking everything for Sarah from the pattern to the fabric. Having total control over what I was making her, was odd. I did lots of stalking on her blog and Instagram account.

I selected a vintage pattern, I am guessing from the 70s. It seemed basic when I ordered the pattern off Ebay, however inside once I opened the pattern I realised there were no instructions in English.

I fumbled through, but in the end I am happy with how it turned out. So much so I made myself a matching dress in pink floral, to wear while we were in Bali.

Monday, 10 August 2015


Day two in Bali was the day of our actual anniversary, so Justin had organised a driver to pick us up and drive us to Jimbaran Bay for dinner.

Not my date for the evening, but he was interested in my hair.

According to Google " Jimbaran is just south of the airport and Kuta. This was formerly a real backwater of south Bali, just a tiny fishing village with a daily market. That all started to change in the 1980s and Jimbaran is now home to several world class 5 star beach resorts, plus a few more moderate mid-market hotels."

For me it was a beautiful place to walk on sunset. A place to wander, and look at the locals. None of which approached us trying to sell anything. But most did, second and sometimes triple look at Jarvis and myself.

Dinner was lovely. Nothing like eating yummy seafood as the sun sets.  Must recommend to any parent trying to eat a dinner with a toddler a dinner on the beach. Jarvis played in the sand for ages.

Selfies in the lift.

My two cute dates for the evening.

How is that for ambient lighting? 

Sunday, 9 August 2015


As mentioned in my last sewing post, the other sewing I had to finish before going on holidays was my dress for the Handmade Dress Swap, which Tarryn of Butter and Buntings organised it. (Amazing of her).

I was partnered up with Sarah, of The Woof and the Warp. I was going to post about the dress I made her, but I am too excited, I have to first share the dress that Sarah made me.

It is gorgeous! The colours are perfect for me. Plus, for someone who has never seen me in person, Sarah got the fit of the dress so close. Across the bust and shoulders the fit is perfect, it was like she had measured me personally.

So far I have worn it layered with cardis and opaque tights, but I can see me living in this dress in summer. Yes, I know I live with a photographer, but I he never takes photos of me, so I have yet to get a shot of me in it. When Tamika gets home from Germany I will get her to take photos of me wearing the dress, just so everyone can see how stunning it is.

I love it so much, that I am thinking of getting the pattern of Sarah and making another one!

Sarah also spoilt me and included other gifts in the pack, her wall hanging now has pride of place in front of me when I sew. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Before the sun had even risen, Jarvis lifted his head from the pillow and said "level six breakfast". Yes, just like his father, Jarvis woke thinking of the buffet breakfast. We spent the next hour or so playing and getting dressed, to fill in time until the buffet breakfast opened. Justin went out to take photos in the early morning light.

Breakfast was good. Jarvis ate so much food. At the end declared "I really like holiday breakfast".

Then it was a short walk to the beach. Oh, who am I kidding, it was a long walk with each of us sharing carrying almost 20 kilos of child. I think the noise of the street overwhelmed him, and he wanted to be close. As, soon as we hit the beach, he was happy again and wanted to play straight away.

After hiring two beach chairs for 50000 for two hours, we spent most of the time playing in the water. At first Jarvis was hesitant. But I played the game I always do to get him use to the water. By the end of two hours he was going full steam ahead. He was sitting on Justin's shoulders, going out super deep, and laughing like crazy when the water was hitting Justin in the back.

One odd/weird/bad thing happened. I am fine with all of the locals approaching and asking if we want massage/nails done/hair braided, this is how they make a living. But, what I was not comfortable with was a group of Asian tourist who made it blatantly obvious that they were taking my photo.

Over and over again. At one point I got surrounded by them and their effing selfie sticks. Jarvis got pushed to one side. I lost it and said really loudly and clearly NO!  However, even when I was up sitting on the beach chairs with Justin and Jarvis having a snack...this one guy STILL kept taking my photo.

Really? Asian tourists wanted photos of a random 47 year old woman with pink hair in a bikini? WT?

Lunch was delicious, but hot! Both Justin and I ordered different rice dishes, mine came with an extra serve of hot chilly throughout.

Then it was back to the room, for a big nap, for one very tired over stimulated boy.