Monday, 23 May 2016


I have been sewing, a little bit here and there. I just have not had the energy? Or motivation to photograph and blog about all of the items. I have felt a bit like the below photo of Jarvis.

Week Thirteen
I finished Chester's Avengers sarouels, and made him a pair of flannel sarouel pjs. The Pjs are huge on him. But, he looks adorable in them.

Week Fourteen
I thought it was time Tamika got a look in on the sewing, so I made her and Chester a pair of matching pjs. I call the fabric winter wonderland.

For Chester I actually used a pattern, rather than just winging it, yup an actual pattern. I cut, and sewed him a size one. But they swam on him. I took them in at the sides, but added an extra large cuffed hem. The flannel is from last years stash, and I found it to shrink a LOT in the first few washes. Tamika's was a guess (read no pattern), again I left them extra long to allow for shrinkage.

Week Fifteen
I finished off the yellow corduroy sarouels that Jarvis requested. Would not have been my first choice in colour, yet he loves them. I also made Oli a pair of winter wonderland pjs, I made them the same as Chester's, just slightly longer in the waist and leg.

Week Sixteen
This week Jarvis wanted to do some sewing, so I thought we would do something really basic. He selected the fabric, and we made a pencil case. Yes, It could have been better, yet, we made it with him on my lap (I did the sewing peddle) and he directing the fabric through the machines.  Jarvis loves it so that is all that matters.

I also made Jarvis a new pair of tartan flannel sarouels. The first pair of sarouels I ever made Jarvis were tartan, they were Jarvis favourites, so he requested a new pair when he gave his old pair to Chester.

Week Seventeen
I felt like doing some selfish sewing so I went through my stash and found enough of this material to make myself a skirt. Wizzed through it in two nights.  The colours are a bright orange and a plum on a white back ground. She is yet without a name. Any suggestions? 

Week Eighteen
No sewing, it was not a good week.

Week Nineteen
No sewing, but did struggle to the floor, and cut out a few items. Not ready to show these yet as the are for the Handmade Dress Swap. Like last year, I am making myself a matching dress. Yup, I am a dag like that. But in reality, I can also practice the dress on mine and hopefully get it right when I make it for my partner. 

Week Twenty

Holly Molly this is some serious catching up.

I made Chester dinosaur sarouels, and Jarvis robot sarouels.

Plus, I have made a big start on the two dresses for the Handmade dress swap. I am making myself one. Like last year, I practice on mine, if it works, then I do my partners.

I used New Look 6208. However, I adjusted the skirt, and the bodice. So not sure how much they are going to turn out like the images on the envelope.

On a side note, has anyone got/used a bias binding foot? 

Okay so massive catch up, and still heaps of finished projects to photograph and sew. Hope I will get these done in time for next week. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Only a few months late, but was just going through my posts and realised I did not publish this one. 

Last days are always bittersweet for me. I miss Tamika and Chester, but most of the time I want to stay on holidays. If I could take them with me, I would be happy to travel forever.

Jarvis is such a great traveller, so the whole waking before the sun is up, packing and getting to the airport all went with such ease. It was like we blinked, and we were home.

There are a gazillion tips for travel with a toddler out there, but my top advise is children will mirror their parents. If you are a relaxed traveller, they too will learn to enjoy the adventure.  

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Yes, there is an upside to a sprain ankle and broken toe. For the last month, my life has been one huge stress bucket.

Our old car finally gave up the fight, and went to car heaven. So we had to get a new car, yes this is exciting, yet stressful because I had to over-extend myself to the max with getting a loan. The loan gobbles up most of my wage each fortnight. At the moment it is a stress for me trying to make ends met.

Then, my Father comes over, to tell me he and my step-mother have broken up. After 30 years! So at 79, Dad suddenly had to find a home and furnish it within a week. Of course the day the truck was booked to move everything it poured down with rain.

There are other things going on within my family, but cannot talk about them here. So when I get stressed I get sick. Coughing now for almost two weeks. Which in turn makes me over-tired and cranky. Which means I have stopped sewing, so I have even stopped getting that help from making a little extra income.

I cut off about... a lot.. of my hair, from below my bra line to above my shoulders. Yes, I cut my hair when I am stressed. Jarvis told me he hates it, and I look like a boy. Then, I go to work and my boss tells me like I have had a rough couple of nights. Even my boss thinks I look tired/crap!

Holly Molly.

Anyhow, so walking home from work Monday night I ended arse up. One sprained ankle and one broken toe. How is this good? Yesterday and today, I have forced myself, just to take time off. I have been reading blogs. I read a book last night. And yes, today laying in bed with my foot up while Jarvis is at the park with Justin. I actually even wrote this blog post!

So tell me, how do you de-stress?

Side Note: Image was created a life time ago. Pre-photoshop. Film was developed and then printed. Image cut up and re-constructed. Photocopied onto perspex. Perspex used as negative, and image re-printed. 

Monday, 11 April 2016


On Monday morning we headed off for Richmond. Justin was told it is one of Tasmania's most popular destinations, steeped in history, family-friendly, so it sounded perfect for us.

Nestled in the heart of the Coal River Valley, Richmond was established as an important military staging post and convict station linking Hobart with Port Arthur. The village is famous for its elegant Georgian architecture, with beautiful heritage buildings dating back as early as the 1820's now housing galleries, tea shops, craft boutiques and museums.

Just driving into the town I fell in love. Beautiful old historic buildings . Justin must love me as his first stop was the Richmond Goal.

In the 1820's, Richmond became one of Lieutenant-Governor Arthur's police districts. The gaol, court house, barracks and a watch house were erected. Richmond continued to grow, largely because of its importance as a convict station and a military post. 

The jail, or goal as they spell it was so much fun for Jarvis to explore. The gentleman at the entrance gave him a treasure map, so it was perfect, as it made Jarvis slow down, explore, and look for the hidden features. He did get a more than little creeped out by the men's solitary confinement cells. They were very dark and with an eerie voice over, so I don't blame him.

Lunch was a picnic lunch on the river with views of Richmond Bridge. I think more than half of Jarvis's lunch went in the river to feed the ducks. After stuffing our faces we set off to explore the rest of the town. Surprisingly, Jarvis said his two favourite things of the town was one of the churches. "Really beautit inside".

Not surprisingly, he also loved that the town had LOTS of lolly shops. We said he could pick what ever he wanted, but I think it overwhelmed him and he ended up picking nothing.

After a very late nap, we woke up and walked back past my favourite house and had the hugest sweetest afternoon tea. I think we all suffered from sugar comas and we all went back to the apartment to be extra lazy. The most I could manage was some crocheting. 

Note: words in italic are taken from the Richmond Historical Site.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Ever have those days...weeks, when you just feel like you cannot 'adult'?

Late last week our car opted to, well, blow up. On Friday Justin and Jarvis waited for over four hours for RACQ to arrive and tow them. Yes FOUR FREAKEN hours! In the hot sun.

So, now we have to make a grown up decision. What car to buy? All my life I have driven vintage cars, VW beetles...three of them, plus a HR Holden Special, and a EK Holden Special. I sold my last VW when Justin and I started fertility treatments. We didn't pick the RAV, it was offered to us for sale from a family member, and I thought yup that will do, that will fit a baby capsule.

But, now, there is the huge choice of what car? Jarvis has narrowed it down to a 'rainbow car', I want a car with a tow bar (still dreaming about owning a caravan), but other than that how the hell do you pick a car? To me they are all pretty boring and ho hum. Justin needs a fairly large boot and roof rack to hold all of his equipment when he uses the car for shoots. It needs to be able to fit baby seats, and still have enough leg room. Other than that? I have no idea.

Any advice? I am sooo not adult enough to make a decision. 


On Sunday Tasmania, yet again, showed us it's perfect weather. In the morning we went to MONA. The Museum of Old and New Art, it is an art museum located within the Moorilla winery on the Berriedale peninsula in Hobart, Tasmania. It is the largest privately funded museum in Australia.

All, three of us loved it, we each had our favourite exhibition. Easy to say Jarvis's was ‘Danser La Musique’ by Chen Zhen; essentially a huge trampoline with a system of ropes and bells that make a sort of basic music when the trampoline is used. We each took turns having a good jump around.

A fun house style mirror surrounds the outside of the gallery, and inside you can either descend via a tightly spiralling staircase into the sandstone bedrock of the Berriedale peninsular or by a glass lift. The typical recommendation is to start at the deepest level, B3.

Staff offered us an iPod Touch, with headphones, which they call the “O”. The device contains detailed information, commentary, and in some cases additional audio or videos, about all of the artworks on display, and uses GPS-technology to enable visitors to instantly access the appropriate information about each piece. Jarvis took control of our and off we set.

We only spent a couple of hours inside, but I would have happily spent a couple of days. Lunch was at the open air markets. Delicious, and relaxing with the live music and belly dancing performances.

Mandatory nap was required after the morning at MONA. Which was good as by the time we woke, the light was perfect to drive up to Wellington Park, featuring kunanyi/Mount Wellington, locally known as ‘the mountain’. 

It was surreal driving up the mountain and through the clouds. Once on top, we set off on a hike back down the mountain to walk to the clouds. Point to note: the mountain has an elevation of 1,271 m, which equals windy and very cold. Also climbing is evolved, wear appropriate shoes (Justin) and do not wear a skirt (me).

Jarvis was like a mountain goat, he loved the climbing and was shimmering up and down the highest points like crazy. We climbed and explored until my ears ached and my fingers we frozen. And, until Justin's belly demanded food.

Heading back down the mountain, I jumped out of the car, and got Justin to take photos of me in the clouds. 

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Saturday was the day of the wedding. So we only had an hour or so with Justin in the morning, before he had to set off for work. So Jarvis, and I, thought we would show him some of the sights of Battery Point that we had discovered the day before.

First stop was a coffee for Justin, then we walked back down to the water and looped around to the park. I must say...Tasmania was certainly showing off with it's perfect weather.

This house was great, my assumption is the lady who lives there is an artist. Not only did she have a PINK house! She has this great window display and a collection at her front door. The collection is of shells, stones, feathers, odds and ends. She encourages the children to take something and replace something, so the collection is ever evolving. Jarvis took a stone. At the end of our visit I left a four metre daisy crochet chain in rainbow wool. How someone enjoyed that.

The afternoon and evening, was the wedding. The bride's dress, wow I was speechless, most gorgeous thing. The location was pretty special as well.

The fun part was at the end of the night when I was leaving. The location was in the middle of no where, so it was pitch dark. Driving the car down the dirt road to the property gate Jarvis opted to share his vivid imagination with me.

I had to get out of the car to unchain the fence, Jarvis yells out to me:

"Mum, Mum, that man with the weird eyes is staring at you"

Yes, I was more than a little freaked. I had to get back in the car, and then walk back in the dark to rechain the fence. Just to freak me out a little more Jarvis once again yells out:

"Mum he is looking at you really weird, and walking over"

I may or may not have ran back to the car, locked all of the doors and done a massive burn out in my attempt to get out of there.

Too much imagination?? Please tell me he just has too much imagination?