Monday, 22 August 2016


Jarvis woke, and the first thing he did was run out side and stand next to the field where the horse was kept at night and yelled out "horsey, come here horsey". Funny thing is that bloody horse came running over to him every time he called him. For the fours days we stayed, when ever Jarvis would yell for the horse it would come to him and nuzzle up. Not sure who loved who more.

Jarvis's day was complete when the dog would come over each morning around eight. It is interesting watching him with animals. They just respond to him so well.

After a lazy breakfast, we walked up to the creek. I love how when technologies are taken away, life becomes simplified. Food, cooking, lifestyle. Our days were lazy filled with simple pleasures. For Jarvis on day three it was hours at the creek skimming rocks, and collecting some to keep.

It was a hot walk home, but lucky for Jarvis, he has a Dad willing to carry him for most of the hour walk.

After naps we walked off in the opposite direction towards the owners farm. And then went on another huge walk to collect bush lemons.

There was a lovely simplicity to our day, that relaxed my soul and had me wishing to move to either a farm or an ocean cabin.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


We all woke early, combination of the morning sun streaming through the window, and Jarvis's excitement to start the day.

Day Two was Justin's, and my, anniversary. 7th of the 7th. Nine That went fast. It only seems like yesterday we had that first date, on a freezing night in July.

After Justin opened his presents we had breakfast on the verandah in the sun. Breakfast, and gift opening, was so exhausting for Justin he had to have a nap...the first of a few.

After slowly getting ready we drove "into town". After stocking up on groceries and had a quick lunch, we were all keen to get back to the slowness of the farm life. The trip into town exhausted all of us, so of course we had to nap some more.

After lunch it was back into our farm clothes and we set off to explore the property. The day before seemed to set the trend for our entire stay. Each afternoon we would set off and explore the land, always ending up at the owners farm for a chat. I will write more about Laurence and Margaret later,  as I am struggling to find the words to describe how amazing they made our stay. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016


So my granddaughter is already a week old! It has been a crazy roller coaster week, hence, why I have not written about this sooner.  

Last Friday and Saturday I helped Tamika, Guy and Chester move into their townhouse. Late Saturday night I was very tired and bruised, as Tamika drove me home I jokingly said "please don't have the bub tonight or tomorrow I am too tired."

Well Bub did not listen.

At 4.15am Sunday morning Tamika had her first show. She called me, and woke Guy. Then called the midwife.... Yep that was all to plan. But the next hour was not.

Tamika knew with the very first contraction something was not right, that this bub was in a hurry. She called back the midwife, who told her to call an ambulance. Guy, was like, no need I will just pack and we can drive.

Lucky Tamika followed her intuition. A with just two pushes, bub was born in the back of the ambulance in Tamika's driveway at 5.47, just over one hour and half from her first show.

It was an extremely hard birth for all of us. For me to be inside the apartment playing trains with Chester, hearing my daughter screaming for me. For Guy to see Tamika go through the birth and then begin to hemorrhage. And obviously it was the hardest for Tamika.

Tamika lost a LOT of blood and lost consciousness on the way to the hospital. The rest of the story is not mine to tell, it is Tamika's

But the drama continued for a few days... culminating in another ambulance ride Tuesday night back to the hospital for emergency surgery. (The hospital had only discharged her a couple of hours before against my better judgment).

But, now a week later I can finally say Mum and baby are good when I tell people Tamika had her baby.

Welcome to the world, Lola Ruby Lietzow-Chinn. You certainly know how to make a dramatic entrance!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


After lunch we set off for the farm. Words cannot describe how amazing this place is. So I will let the images tell the story. Jarvis and the owner's dog bonded immediately.

After a rest, we went for a walk on the property. Is was a VERY windy, cold afternoon. And a hard hike uphill. But I was determined to make it. as there is a spot on the property that gets phone reception and internet. Other wise no reception. I made my one call to check on Tamika and then was happy to go phone free.

The only thing I struggled with on that freezing day, was the outside shower and toilet. It got below zero over night and I felt it trying to shower in the wind with Jarvis and I fighting for a bit of warmth in the water.

Interesting. None of us noticed the lack of phones or TV. Justin spent the night doing a jigsaw puzzle and I read a book and crocheted. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


With Jarvis starting prep next year I am at the point I am asking myself what next...

I spoke to a career adviser at a uni the other day, after chatting to me and filling out a questionnaire she came up with the following job options for me...

Travel Consultant
Art Therapist
School Principle
Natural Healer

Not sure what a natural healer is. Plus, I am pretty sure you need to be a teacher BEFORE you become a School Principle. But the other options sound good.

How about you? If you could pick any career in the world what would it be?

My top three
1. Stay at Home Mum
2. Travel Blogger
3. Movie Reviewer

Jarvis told me, I should be a rainbow unicorn and never leave him to go to work again. Okay so rainbow unicorn sounds like an interesting job option where do I sign up?  

Monday, 1 August 2016


After a hiatus from blogging I was not sure I was going to blog about our anniversary holiday. But, yesterday I was going through the images, and I thought, these are memories I want to preserve. So four weeks later.. here is day one, part one, of our trip to Theresa Creek.

This year it was Justin's turn to organise our holiday. With him so busy with work, we could only get away for a few days. What Justin found was perfect. We left Brisbane early Wednesday morning and headed towards NSW. 

Justin, as usual, drove. With my crochet in hand I was happy (as usual) with being the passenger. Jarvis and I, play a car game, so he was also happy as passenger. Honey Bear also came along for the trip.

First stop was a quick loo break at a servo. Second stop, a longer break at a pop up op shop. Holly Molly I could have spent SOOOO much money there. I was refrained, and came away with nothing. But a month later I am still thinking about those amazing vintage jeans and a certain purple poncho.

Then we stopped for a lazy lunch at Lismore. As you can see by the photos, Jarvis really hates going on not.

Next week, I will do part two, with images from the farm. I took so many I did not want to overload this post. 

Monday, 23 May 2016


I have been sewing, a little bit here and there. I just have not had the energy? Or motivation to photograph and blog about all of the items. I have felt a bit like the below photo of Jarvis.

Week Thirteen
I finished Chester's Avengers sarouels, and made him a pair of flannel sarouel pjs. The Pjs are huge on him. But, he looks adorable in them.

Week Fourteen
I thought it was time Tamika got a look in on the sewing, so I made her and Chester a pair of matching pjs. I call the fabric winter wonderland.

For Chester I actually used a pattern, rather than just winging it, yup an actual pattern. I cut, and sewed him a size one. But they swam on him. I took them in at the sides, but added an extra large cuffed hem. The flannel is from last years stash, and I found it to shrink a LOT in the first few washes. Tamika's was a guess (read no pattern), again I left them extra long to allow for shrinkage.

Week Fifteen
I finished off the yellow corduroy sarouels that Jarvis requested. Would not have been my first choice in colour, yet he loves them. I also made Oli a pair of winter wonderland pjs, I made them the same as Chester's, just slightly longer in the waist and leg.

Week Sixteen
This week Jarvis wanted to do some sewing, so I thought we would do something really basic. He selected the fabric, and we made a pencil case. Yes, It could have been better, yet, we made it with him on my lap (I did the sewing peddle) and he directing the fabric through the machines.  Jarvis loves it so that is all that matters.

I also made Jarvis a new pair of tartan flannel sarouels. The first pair of sarouels I ever made Jarvis were tartan, they were Jarvis favourites, so he requested a new pair when he gave his old pair to Chester.

Week Seventeen
I felt like doing some selfish sewing so I went through my stash and found enough of this material to make myself a skirt. Wizzed through it in two nights.  The colours are a bright orange and a plum on a white back ground. She is yet without a name. Any suggestions? 

Week Eighteen
No sewing, it was not a good week.

Week Nineteen
No sewing, but did struggle to the floor, and cut out a few items. Not ready to show these yet as the are for the Handmade Dress Swap. Like last year, I am making myself a matching dress. Yup, I am a dag like that. But in reality, I can also practice the dress on mine and hopefully get it right when I make it for my partner. 

Week Twenty

Holly Molly this is some serious catching up.

I made Chester dinosaur sarouels, and Jarvis robot sarouels.

Plus, I have made a big start on the two dresses for the Handmade dress swap. I am making myself one. Like last year, I practice on mine, if it works, then I do my partners.

I used New Look 6208. However, I adjusted the skirt, and the bodice. So not sure how much they are going to turn out like the images on the envelope.

On a side note, has anyone got/used a bias binding foot? 

Okay so massive catch up, and still heaps of finished projects to photograph and sew. Hope I will get these done in time for next week.