Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I stripped off his rashie to rinse off the sand, and just like that I saw what teenage Jarvis will look like. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

50/52 2014

These boys have my heart. I am in awe of how much Jarvis loves his nephew. Not a hint of jealousy only complete, and utter love.

Had to do so editing, and not use a lot of gorgeous photos for the sake of modesty. But here are my two gorgeous, naked boys, holding hands, hanging out, watching Jarvis's favourite show.

Jarvis quote: "Chester and I like Octonauts. Octonauts help people and animals and that is good. Just like Chester is good".

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Growth & Appearance:
You are 98cm tall, and you weigh 15.5kg. What does this mean? I think you are about average? Who knows. On average you are a size three in a shirt. Yet you are so skinny around the hips, in store bought clothes you are still wearing 0s and 1s.
All I know is that you are gorgeous and growing, so that is all I care about. Though I have thought of bringing back foot binding, at the rate your feet grow. 

You go through days of not wanting to eat anything, and other days you eat so much I think you will explode.
You have also learnt to help yourself from the fridge and pantry. Which means sometimes when you go really quiet, I find you mid pig out on something.

At home and around people you are comfortable with, you are a little chatterbox. Though if we are out, or with people you are not so sure of, you are shy. But you absorption of new words is incredible.

So for your birthday, your Dad decided that you should sleep in your own bed. No more cot. But in reality, this means I am going back to broken sleep. You either want me to sleep with you in your single bed, hanging onto me so tight all night. Or you sleep in "Mummy Daddy bed". Which is where you ask to sleep every night since the cot has gone. Yes I know you were too old for the cot. But at least you slept in it all night in your own space. Now we are truly back to co-sleeping. Okay you sleep, I get kicked awake all night.
However, for your day nap you happily sleep in your bed.

You have known all of your letters for ages and ages, since around your second birthday. But, of late I have been testing you and getting you to read words to me. Plus I have been attempting to do more maths. It was never my interest, so I am a bit slack in teaching you numbers.
You have had one or two tantrums of late. But it has happened late at night, normally after a big day, and you are tired and frustrated trying to tell us something. First time I told you "it is okay to have big emotions, but go to your room, and when you are calm I will come in and talk to you". Second time it happened you went into your room by yourself. Then as soon as I followed you in, you climbed on my lap and cuddled with me. So I hope, how this worked with Teak, it will also work with you.

For your birthday you got a bubble gun and trampoline. Both of which you adore. Your uncle Ken gave you three books, Octonauts, Buzzbee and Giggle and Hoot. At a guess I would say I have read these three books everyday since your birthday at least three times.
You are still a huge fan of going to cafes for milkshakes. They only fall into two categories, 'good' and 'not good'. You like being the critic.
You have also had much fun this past month with your 'own' garden. I let you pick what ever seeds you wanted and have planted it for you. You picked all 'zizzie' seeds and have planted them willy nilly. So I am hopeful with all of this rain you will get an explosion of flowers in your garden.

How I am thinking/Feeling:
Three. You are three. I knew it would go fast. I was prepared for it, because of Tamika. yet the speed in which you are aging is...well it seems on fast-forward.  Definitely my baby no longer, you are the most loving, crazy, and stubborn person I know.

You stop me from doing so much. I think I want to sew or do something, yet then you come and ask me to play and I realise, all I really want to do is enjoy being with you. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


As I walked towards Bushie, I thought "what an amazing image". Then almost did not stop to take the photo. But then he said "I know you. You are that famous chick who sings in the band". Sorry Bushie, anyone will tell you my voice is crap. But it was great to stop and chat to you for ages. 

Monday, 8 December 2014


Have you ever discovered a place, a town that you visit and then straight away you imagine yourself living there? Ulmarra is one such place. I could imagine opening a B&B and spending my days sewing. (The guest would be self sufficient and just there for company)

The facts according to Wiki: Ulmarra is a small town on the south bank of the Clarence River in New South WalesAustralia in the Clarence Valley district. At the 2006 census, Ulmarra had a population of 446 people.

The facts according to Jarvis: good park, good milkshake.

For me: great town friendly people. Well everything was great until I smashed into a BMW. But even he was friendly and nice about it. Have you ever reversed into another car and the person whose car you hit it super nice to you? Hmm maybe he was nice cause I was blubbering like a baby?

Monday, 1 December 2014


We woke to the perfect day. But no day is complete, well for Jarvis, without a 'business meeting'. His code for a milkshake. In town, we found a cute cafe 'The Bookshop Cafe"; great food, really good milkshakes and lined with books, a win all round.

The whole town has appeal for me, look at how pretty their police station is?

Plus, I kept finding house after house that I could imagine living in.

But the beaches, you cannot go past how pretty the beaches are. Plus they have the added advantage of the river as well.

However, all too soon, it was time to say goodbye to our Trailer Park Trash caravan and hit the road.