Thursday, 26 February 2015


I have been so busy of late my garden has been neglected. The chooks still produce between three and five eggs a day, three lay every day and the other two are a bit lazy. But I have spent no time cultivating and tending to the veggie patch. So much to my surprise this big pumpkin was hiding under the passionfruit foliage. It has a pressure mark from not being turned, but it is a beauty.

Now off looking for pumpkin recipes. Any suggestions? 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


So on Tuesday I thought I would be brave, and do lots of running around/chores with the two boys. After a bad night sleep and a six am start, I threw on what ever I thought would be A. comfy and B. baby proof. Leaving the house meant packing enough stuff for a gazillion options, I was exhausted just loading the car.

This is a tale not of having a go at another Mum, but of one reminding Mums to be nice to one another.

I had just finished the groceries, and Chester opted at the check out, to do the giant poop babies are famous for. So off to the change room. I blandly chat to the young Mum next to me, we have both got exploding poos and we each ask age and name of said poo machine. While this is happening another Mum comes up to me really close, I thought she needed to change her baby, and was peeved we were taking awhile.

She then said (right up in my face while gesturing up and down my body) "mothers like you make the rest of us feel bad". The young girl next to me asked if I knew her, when I stated I did not she turned to this Mum and told her... well I will use the PG version to "eff off you fat slag".

I have no idea why this woman was up in my face, no I was not having it easy. Any mother, or person, looking after a toddler and a newborn will tell you it is hard work. I am not angry at her I actually just felt sad. Why do women/ Mums feel the need to attack others? Each any every Mum (parent) is fighting their own battle so how about we show Mums so love?

So I am going to dedicate this post to two Mums I know that do incredible jobs. Lila over at Muma Nourish  and Christina at A Little Bird Told Me. You two are extraordinary and inspiring!

Question, what do you do with your arms in photos, so awkward?!

Monday, 23 February 2015


Looking for the "Big" tourist destinations. Over the weekend we visited the Big Pineapple and last year we visited the Big Banana and Big Prawn.

So I really want to do road trips around Australia and get a family portrait in front of all of the other "Bigs". Hit me up in the comments with location/landmark suggestions. 

Some information on the three we have visited so far from the very reliable Wiki:

The Big Prawn:
On 24 September 2009, Ballina Shire Council voted to allow the demolition of the Big Prawn, but this permission was never acted upon. Bunnings Warehouse purchased the site, and the Prawn, in August 2011, and stated their intention to retain and refurbish the Prawn as part of the redevelopment. The prawn now sits on a stand next to the entrance of the Bunnings Warehouse carpark.

The Big Pineapple: The Big Pineapple is a tourist attraction on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. It is 16 metres high and is claimed to be the world's largest pineapple, gaining this title after a large pineapple-shaped water tower in Hawaii was dismantled in 1993 The pineapple was originally opened on 15 August 1971, and is situated on a 165-hectare site in Woombye. (Note this is not up to date as the Big Pineapple is now closed)

The Big Banana: Sometimes claimed to be the first Big Thing in Australia. The Big Banana tourist complex includes a banana-themed souvenir shop, tours of the surrounding plantation and an indoor ski slope.

Note: first image taken by another tourist. Second image taken by Justin. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Dear Cancer,

you are an ugly, mean thing. So eff off and stop picking on my family.

thank you


Monday, 16 February 2015


Simple words can mean so much. Last night Jarvis told me my hair was "lovely" and was patting it. This morning in bed he said "golden hair, adorable". I love how he gives compliments. I can only hope when he gets older he will continue to do this for myself, and others.

So if you follow me on instagram you will know that opps I went and coloured my hair again. Yeah, yeah, I know I was going to go a 'normal' colour. But life is too short to be boring. 

Think this makes ten or more different colours since I turned 46 in September. Pitty I don't have a photo of each colour. Guess, since Justin is always too busy to take my photo, I should learn how to take a selfie. 

Mid-life crises? Definitely not aging gracefully. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015


If January was all about planning, early February seems to have been all about getting things into place, Including giving myself a week to mourn.

Then like a switch was hit in the last few days I have been filled with creativity. My sewing machine has been going none stop.

Okay well, not none stop. I have also spent a lot of time with the people that heal my heart. Including lots of babysitting Chester. (Tamika and Guy hope to open their cafe on Monday. More on that later.)

But, time with them, has me filled with creative ideas. Abstaining from my goal of opening an online store has been useful, it also seems that creating distance allowed me to actualize what I do and do not want. 

For a long time, research has pointed to happiness as being the ideal state to create in. So I guess I had to find my happy.

For me I had to :
1. Let go of negativity. Learn to forgive and forget.
2. Live in the present. Actually be with and concentrate on the now.
3. Treat everyone with kindness. Being careful with my words. Speaking gentler, kinder, and wiser. And listen more than I talk.

Obviously still working on my list, but for now it seems to be working.

And yes I know there are things like eating healthy and exercise, but lets face it no way I am going to do that shite. I am too busy eating chocolate and playing with Jarvis.

How do you find your happy? 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Justin and Jarvis love to go to the park together. They go to a few different parks on the Southside, and to New Farm park. Problem is, I am now worried about them going to the park together.

Why? This should be something amazing, father and son spending time together outdoors.

The thing is, Justin tells me the last few times, including today at New Farm Park, that Jarvis was bullied. Today, a child threw his shoes at Jarvis and then pushed Jarvis over several times. Apparently Jarvis gets a hurt look on his face, but gets up and then continues to play. BUT THIS SHOULD NOT FREAKEN HAPPEN!

Victims of bullying include girls and boys of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. But some children are more likely than others to be victimized because they appear small, weak, insecure, sensitive, or “different” from their peers.  
Some children can reduce their risk of being bullied by dressing or acting in ways that make it easier for them to “fit in.” Yet children should not be expected to conform to avoid the threat of bullying. Every child’s individuality should be appreciated for the value it brings to the group, rather than suppressed to reduce the risk of victimization. Furthermore, not all children are able to alter personal characteristics that may place them at increased risk.

Justin thinks it could be either because Jarvis has long hair, hence looks girlish, or because Jarvis is too polite. He will happily let other kids have turns and go first on the swings, etc.

Since it has not happened with me, I am not sure how to react. And in how to talk to Jarvis about this. I like that he is gentle and has nice manners. But is this making him appear weak?

When I was doing my Grad Dip in Education, I got training on how to respond to bullies, yet little on how to help a victim of bulling. Plus my training was aimed at high school students not at this young age group.

My final WT? Is how do children that young even learn such horrible bulling behaviour? 

Has your child ever bullied or been bullied?