Friday, 1 August 2014

31/52 2014

I am cheating this week. These are not my photos, Justin took them, and they are from the week before. But I just had to share them as they are so gorgeous. Tamika and Guy look amazing in these shots taken up Mt Gravatt lookout just on sunset. Plus, look how big my grandbaby is getting in Tamika's tummy. Only seven weeks to go!

Last year Jodi inspired me to pick up my camera and turn the focus inward. This year I have opted to continue with the series as I feel there are still so many family stories to be told through photos. So I will continue to Link up with Jodi  (the artist formerly known as Che & Fidel now Practising Simplicity) for the 52 Project. 

Also linking up with Bron over at Baby Space with the quote a week

Thursday, 31 July 2014


Eggs, lack of them, abundance of them, faulty, double ones. Eggs have been on my mind of late. We added two new girls to our brood, and this coupled with cold nights, our girls are not laying as well as they use to. However, eggs still feature heavy in our diet. One of Jarvis's favourite meals is "Duck Bums" his name for scrambled eggs.

So I thought I would put it out there what are your favourite recipes where eggs are the hero of the dish. I will share six of our egg dishes, starting with one Justin cooks. The recipes is his Mum's and it is one of the softest bounciest sponge cakes ever. Plus super easy to cook.

Ji Dan Gao

4 Eggs
1 Cup of Milk
1 1/12 cups of Flour
1/2 Cup of sugar
1 Tablespoon of oil

Utensils Needed
Extra large saucepan
Cake tin
Wooden spoon
Baking Paper

1. Gather and measure out ingredients.

2. Line cake tin with baking paper.
3. Mix eggs and sugar in mixing bowl until thick, do this on high.

4. Slowly add milk and oil.
5. Stop mixing.
6. Add flour gradually, fold though until well combined.

7. Add to cake tin.
8. Steam for 20 minutes.

Serve warm.

Justin's Mum uses a wok and a steamer to do this, but Justin has more success cooking it this way.

Okay so your turn, head over to my Facebook page and post your favourite egg recipe. I will share five more of ours here in the coming weeks.

Note: cooking and photos by Justin

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


How do you feel about your body? Are there people who say they are happy with all aspects? On the week-end I was sitting between my Aunt who is over weight, even after two tummy staples, and my Mum who has been anorexic her entire life. Two ens of the spectrum, but neither are happy.

Note: this is not my image. I am trying to find out who's it is so I can give due credit. 

I can honestly say I do not want to change my weight, but this does not in any way imply I am happy with my body. I dislike the normal lumps and bumps a woman of my age has. But at 46, and never having exercised in my life, and after two children what can I expect? That I could put on a bikini and rival how Elle looks at 50? A woman can dream.

They say beauty comes from within, but what happens when you believe your 'within' is ugly and damage? Sadly most of my issues with my body are issues with my internal working, and nothing, no exercise and no botox is ever going to fix that.

Lila asked on Facebook the other day what colours were in people's wardrobes. The bulk of mine is black, a combination of two reason. One being working in retail that has been my work uniform for years. Plus, when ever I am feeling insecure, that is my fall back colour.

This got me thinking, is it confidence that allows people to wear colour? Or do they wear it as a disguise?

I want to know what colour makes you confident? Can you clash colours? I know this post is a lot of questions, but I guess after three weeks I am still questioning myself and my faulty body. 

Monday, 28 July 2014


Over the week-end, I was thinking about two things, how great it would be if everyone could support local businesses, and how I know so many amazing Mum's who are running their own business. I think now, more than ever before women are trying to find the work and motherhood balance, and rather than be at the mercy of others, women 'doing it for themselves'.

Women, Mums, are combining passion, creativity, and hard work. Because starting and running your own business is extremely hard work. But I think, like motherhood, when you are doing something that you love, the hard work seems to fade a little, and you are left with the glow of achievement.

Two Mums I know that are standing out amongst the crowd are Bettina and Caitlin. Together they have formed The Kindred Collective.

Their website states: The Kindred Collective is that community. It is a place to find other mothers who will listen, laugh, and cry right along with you. It is a place where you can find support, nurture yourself and celebrate triumphs both small and large. Through workshops, retreats and the website, The Kindred Collective seeks to assure you, encourage you and inspire you.

One statement that resonates with me is 'becoming a mother can be isolating.' With Tamika I was a single Mum who worked nights. With Jarvis, I was an older Mum, I knew no one in my age group that was having children, most were becoming Grandparents.

On Friday night The KindredCollective are holding a mother's circle, during this session Mums will have a calming yoga class, a guided meditation session, time to connect with other mothers and access to online support. Head to their website or Facebook page for the details. 

Friday, 25 July 2014

30/52 2014

It is funny how a child will act differently with each parent. Jarvis will rough house play, jumping, and slamming all over Justin. Yet when we are out, I often hear the same words, "Up Daddy".

When Jarvis and I go for walks, he loves to hold my hand. Even hanging on when he bends down to inspect all of the elements at his feet. With Justin Jarvis does not last for long, asking to be up in his Dad's arms.

Jarvis tucks his head into Justin's neck and entwines his arm around Justin's arms. Safe and loved in Daddy's arms.

Last year Jodi inspired me to pick up my camera and turn the focus inward. This year I have opted to continue with the series as I feel there are still so many family stories to be told through photos. So I will continue to Link up with Jodi  (the artist formerly known as Che & Fidel now Practising Simplicity) for the 52 Project. 

Also linking up with Bron over at Baby Space with the quote a week

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Last week when Soraya from AC Agency invited me to experience Sky Zone Brisbane before it officially opened its doors to the general public, my first reaction was to turn it down. After the previous week, I thought the last thing I would feel like doing was playing on a trampoline.

Turns out I was wrong. I did not jump much, with stiches in my face, foot, and cramps from the miscarriage I was a little sore. But, just watching Justin, Guy and Bec jump and have so much fun made my heart feel lighter. 

Soray gave us a personal tour of Sky Zone, showing us the kids party rooms, and the laser tag zone, plus all of the different trampoline options. Then Tamika, Jarvis and I watched the other three jump on the trampolines, play a game of dodge ball, play hoops and general work themselves into a sweaty mass of giggles.

I think this is a great venue for all of the bigger kids out there. Justin thought is was better than a work out at the gym. Both Guy and Justin are excited about going back again with a bigger group.



The largest trampoline park in the Southern Hemisphere, opening on Friday, 18th July 2014. This trampoline park is over 3,000 metres squared, has 180 interconnected trampolines, will have basketball courts, dodgeball, host kids birthday parties and a wide range of entertainment options and activity.
This is also the only trampoline park in Australia to have a three-storey laser tag arena included with a custom designed cloudland theme. Sky Zone is a $3million development, will employ 120 people locally and has cemented itself as the ultimate new entertainment destination for people in Macgregor and the surrounds. (taken from Sky Zone website)

Note: Sky Zone did not pay for me to write this post, in fact they didn't even ask, they just offered myself, and everyone in my group, free entry.